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Submit all fields for consideration.  NO REFUND only.  It's a $20 week to week membership fee .  


SIS Shop is fashion jewelry, accessories and intimates made by different entrepreneur women .  I have read all terms and conditions.

Thanks for submitting!

Ujamaa Fest
Terms & Agreements

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Submit all fields for consideration.  NO REFUND only.  It's a $10 membership fee .  


I have read all terms and conditions.

NND Ujamaa Fest SIS Network

Terms & Agreements:

1. You are guaranteed a customer.

2. You are guaranteed to make the registration fee back.

3. Register early and tell a friend. For every 4 new members, you get 2 Gifters dependent on rotation position and seniority.

4. The registration fee also covers prizes and uneven member numbers.

5. Merchandise price range starts at $10 or over.

6. You will be notified how many Gifters have been assigned to you in advance.

7. Once registered, you are automatically a member of SIS Network in our website.  You can opt out any time.

8. You will be assigned a gifter by our staff

9.  Breach of commitment to gift is cause for disqualification of the network.

10. Deadline to purchase merchandise is 12/23/21.

11. More rules will develop as we go along.

12. Have fun!  Have fun!  Have fun!

*Be sure to join our Facebook page in order to post pictures of your merchandise.

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