Thanks to our team, the sheros who chose to be divine feminine energy and of service to others and thank you social media family! We reached 2k views this week.

I believe God and the angels talks to everyone through the medium of our comfort... whether synchronicities, social media posts, movies or what a person says. Right before NND FW….I felt they were nudging me to be what am doing in my particularly desired way as opposed to do what I'm doing. In the middle of everything the nudge became STRONGER. Therefore we added one more day for The Simple Bride #behindthescenes because I do remember in around 2008 having a conversation with a friend about desiring to have conversations about what seems corny… love. Hence that is why NND is a bridal design company.

This season I learned to just be love as opposed to helping others.. be what you desire to give. BEING … on it's own will help those who are observing and ready to hear. Other than that ...with all this nudging...I don't know what kinda conspiracies God and the angels got going on for me lol... we're in this together y'all it all unfolds!

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