SOUL FOOD SUNDAY: Divine Liquid...Women’s Month Edition

SOUL FOOD SUNDAY: Divine Liquid...Women’s Month Edition

Since my Dark Night of the Soul(spiritual metamorphosis/awakening),my menstrual pain had recently become debilitating...all I could do is lay in bed and watch my dog feel sorry for me. When going through the spiritual awakening process...God is curing all emotions we consider bad...anger...fear...pain...these things will surface in your life to the 3rd power in different ways including settling on your physical body as pain. In addition to the usual kick butt cramps, I was feeling pain piercing through my bones.

I decided to try an all natural ingredient we now call Her Elixir. In less than an hour the pain was gone and I did not need any more the rest of the day. This idea came at the right time.

Women get more spiritual insights during the discomfort of their menstrual is a time to gather with other women to share wisdom. It is a time to take care of oneself as the body is already calling you to focus on you and retrieve from everything else. Why not make our menstrual cycle a celebration of the divine liquid that brings life….I have yet to start painting with mine to embrace it and discard societal stigmas.

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