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In my Youtube video, 2020 VISION, in December 2019, I mentioned that many people's lives will look like the book of Job in 2020 but I didn't know it would be a virus that would fuel the caterpillar stage. Did Sophia Stewart unconsciously or consciously predict the butterfly stage....the great awakening (unplugging of the matrix) of 2020 in her book The Third Eye that later became the movie The Matrix?

As a pre-teen, we had a well-off cousin that came to visit from Paris. She said she couldn't understand how can anybody be happy in this world with so much human suffering going on. My attitude was....girl you better live your best life and stop worrying about the world. As an adult, I VERY often use The Matrix to explain 3D/5D, unplugging and the current light/dark spiritual battle. As an empath, I sometimes cry at night because of the state of humanity and feel like I don't fit in this world as the perspectives of many seems to be where mine use to be (in different ways) when it comes to dark energies/controllers of the matrix. I do feel comfort in knowing that like the movie, the light has already won and the revolution WILL be televised.

This is what the movie the Matrix means to me, therefore I have so many questions about her vision when she wrote this book. I hope you have your questions ready. See you on Mother's Day!

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