“Conspiracy theory” #LETYOURSOULGLOW

“Conspiracy theory” #LETYOURSOULGLOW

The bible is a double edged sword...it could split the soul(mind and heart) from the spirit. Where the split can physically happen ….God manifested it in the pineal gland. The pineal gland is currently being calcified by the fluoride in our tap water, the microbes and chemicals(Chemtrails) the government allows to be sprayed in the air via airplane and heavy metals in the water, food and air.

There are theories that our pineal gland is being calcified because it is the door to our spirit and 5th dimension(the invisible Kingdom of God where all power lays)...if this door is closed...the public remains controlled.

God has the remedies for everything….he puts the medicine in our natural food so we could let our spirit/soul glowwww. Ntumba.ntumba design Beauty Recipes….Coco Citrus...Heavenly Heart and Metalica have all natural ingredients to remove all of these harmful substances and restore the pineal gland and your natural glow.

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