#ATATIANA: You have no insight of their rank in the spirit realm.

SOUL FOOD SUNDAY: #ATATIANA ...You have no insight of their rank in the spirit realm.

Be careful who you dishonor in the flesh because you have no insight of their rank in the spirit realm. Everyone's culture has a unique purpose for the greater good. Slavery was a terrible way to get to the west....but we are here because our spirituality is different and is a needed ingredient to bring forth a higher vibrating new earth which is happening now. For many decades, there are resisting energies(they have a short time on earth) towards both feminine and masculine energy... for the feminine energy it is because she is the allowance energy…. allowing what is to take its course.

All religions have been used in what we perceive as negative ways and have extremists. African natural practices' belief is that there is no separation between the spirit and physical realm which is the truth. Although slave masters focused on negative aspects of the whole religion and used Christianity to control the slaves...even Jesus knows this truth as well... that is why he preached that the invisible kingdom of God is within and among you.

Lack of awareness of this truth manifests as separation/tension between good and bad, light and dark, races, religions, politics, masculine and feminine energy, ying and yang etc. Because we have a strong awareness of this truth in our DNA, whether we have internalized a slave mentality towards natural African practices or not, there will be more resistance from energies pushing against our potential of integrating physical and spirit, masculine and feminine energies...which would equal to pure positive LOVE and a new earth.

Take heart sisters, when you face these perceived negative energies from a place of knowing who you are as the higher self and balanced divine feminine(allowance) and masculine(initiation) energy(perfect love) in your DNA...these energies dissolve. This is the meaning of love covers a multitude of sin. I know now and accept what is in my DNA on an individual level...I’ve had resisting energies manifest as haters while in an accelerated spiritual growth process...they have since transitioned leaving one until my growth process is completed. These “negative” energies feed on fear but have only a short time on earth.

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