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Pascale Amba Poma

You know that beauty trends come and go, again and again . This season we are delving between as many different looks as there are designers, however, I picked the looks that for me are the winning ones to reclaim your own Queen of "natural beauty" title. Look 1: Glow and natural radiance are back, we are parting ways with the heavy coverage, dramatic makeup of the last few seasons and rather opt for something ultra-natural, focusing on a transparent healthy complexion, focusing on a soft glowing skin by blending a hint of your favorite illuminator in strategic places (like top of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, brow bone, and chin ) to adding glow and an instant soft lifting as a bonus, complete the look with a touch of mascara and a bit of sheer lip gloss and off you go, looking fresh, radiant and super pretty. Look 2: The ever superb smoky eye still a big trend, but for a change from black or gray tones, try some bronze or golden shades for a lighter effect, or if you are daring go for a pigmented and vibrant shades such as emerald green or night blue. Whatever your preference, keep it controlled and glowing with iridescent textures for a bright look. Look 3: Rrrrrred !!! Red lips are a sign of elegance and style from Scarlet to Carmine, red lips will lead the season, always gorgeous Matte or shiny, but think RED. Look 4: We all love a cat-eye, that clean line of eyeliner that stretches from the top lashes to the outside of the eye. This season, this iconic black eye makeup takes on a pop art new turn, intense and playful. Use colors, be creative, OWN it! Look 5: Yeah, this season, say bye bye to the dramatic, unnatural brow and hello to a more natural, softly brushed arches with the brows just groomed without being way over-drawn. When I say that natural is winning this season!


Her work has graced the pages of magazines such as 10, Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Surface, Nylon and the New York Times, to name a few. Pascale lives and works in New York City and wherever her passion takes her as she has been extensively touring with music legend Lauryn Hill since 2011.

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