My doctor said I should start a skincare product because he could not believe I was turning 50 in two years on August 31st of 2021.  Nurses often try to discreetly double check with me on the year I was born.  One even corrected me on the year I was born by saying, “You mean 1981, not 1971.”  So I took my doctor’s orders and started NND Skin Care Edible Beauty Recipes.  These edibles can either be mixed into a mask or a shake.

Many don't realize, as the first shield of your body, the skin is part of the immune system.  Therefore, the vitamins and minerals that strengthens the immune system does wonders for the skin.  From our deep detox, cleansers and hormone balancers, all of our products contain superfoods for the immune system that are also powerhouses for the skin, such as Sea Moss, which contains 92 nutrients.  

NND Edible Beauty Recipe For Skincare ebook
NND Edible Beauty Recipe For Skincare ebook



"I just turned 50, sometimes I’m good, sometimes okay, sometimes my knees give in,” said my high school buddy.“


“Take this three times on the day you’re going to do the do...time the minutes before and after,” I said, a week after the first conversation with my high school buddy about the skin beauty recipes.  


“That means I have to find someone to do the chuku chuku with,” he said.


Three weeks later, 

“I added a new ingredient to Beauty Sleep.  OMG...I had to check and see if I had to change my underwear.  It puts you to sleep and balances your hormones, helping to produce natural lubricant,” I said.  “How’s the chuku chuku coming along?”


“I asked someone I used to be intimate with and she said, I haven’t seen you in a while and this is what you’re asking me,’” said my high school buddy.


To Be Continued…



Soulmates can be a dyad...twin flames are always a triad.  Many twin flames do not know what they are getting themselves into and think it's all about romance. 

Twin flames trigger each other's trauma to arise in order for their physical identities to dismantle, their spirits to immerse with God into one entity that resembles the Trinity.

It may take a minute for twins to recognize each other's spirit as "the one" .  It may seemingly suddenly happen due to spiritual practices such as meditation...a lot of the times it is instant.  Soulmates have horizontal courtship and relationships. They get to know each other based on past, future and present.  Twin flames have an upward spiral courtship... the past, future and present are happening all at the same time in the NOW for them...they have vertical courtship and relationships.