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Born in the Congo, Ntumba Mukendi initially used colors of nature to interpret the fun and vibrant social life she experienced in the DRC. Growing up in Lefrak City, Queens exposed her to the innocence and community of the Hip Hop culture, which she sees as an extension of her experience in the DRC.  


After a spiritual epiphany, ntumba started to use the colors and patterns of nature to express women's spirit.

After working for Tommy Hilfiger she launched her own brand, ntumba.ntumba design, which utilizes authentic African fabrics to help boost the African economy. Ntumba is a philanthropist who promotes gender empowerment causes by donating proceeds from the sales of her line and public speaking.  She had been invited for presentations on gender empowerment/issues in New York prestigious schools such as Pace, Fordham and Columbia University.





Women innately are ntumba.ntumba design's inspiration-the fruits of the spirit love, peace and joy.  ntumba.ntumba design creates bridal party apparel that is made to highlight her spirit.  Each collection is an expression of a transformational journey in which the results are the fruits of the spirit.  NND wants to inspire those who wear our clothes to embody the fruits of the spirit.



NND's mission is reaching women of ages 13-50 nation wide with the message from an influential visual industry, that they are more than just a physical body or appearance, through designs highlighting the spirit.  This helps promote women's self-esteem and inner beauty .

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